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Wednesday, 25 September 2019 06:18

Daily Scoop, 9/25/19

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Today is Wednesday, September 25th- It IS - One-Hit Wonder Day, Tune-up Day, Women's Health and Fitness Day, Quesadilla Day! At 7:10 we will be announcing more of the acts performing at the Country Fest 2020! Yesterday, Hormel released its limited-edition Pumpkin Spice Spam … and it all sold out in seven hours. (There will be NO more made) You can now buy a Kit Kat “luxury bar.” You can choose from 1,500 flavor combos and get…
Tuesday, 24 September 2019 06:16

Daily Scoop, 9/24/19

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Today is Tuesday, September 24th- It IS - Voter Registration Day, National Punctuation Day, Tell Us Something Good Tuesday! This is Us premieres tonight on NBC.  Walker, Texas Ranger is getting a reboot with Jared Padalecki. A warmer than normal fall is predicted for ALL 50 states! If there was a meter on adult happiness, with 10 being the best, the average person gives themselves a 6.3. Bad breath is the #1 thing that could keep…
Monday, 23 September 2019 06:23

Daily Scoop, 9/23/19

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Today is Monday, September 23rd- It IS - Fall has begun as of 3:50am! Restless Legs Awareness Day, Great American Pot Pie Day Today you'll get 12 and 12 today. Hours of light and dark – Autumnal Equinox The Browns lost last night and they are the only NFL team in the last 25 years to NOT start 3-0 at some point. Game of Thrones, Fleabag and Chernobyl - big winners at the Emmys. Costumes are now…
Friday, 20 September 2019 06:17

Daily Scoop, 9/20/19

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Today is Friday, September 20th- It IS - Rascal Flatts Day, Pepperoni Pizza Day, Pink Lipstick Day, Clean Up The World Weekend The Emmys are on the Sunday. Kelly Clarkson does not want you to kiss her. “I don't know where your mouth has been” Fist bump is fine! Rumor has it that Lady Gaga may star in the Little Shop of Horrors reboot. There is now a sexy Mr. Rogers Halloween costume! Scantily clad coffee…
Thursday, 19 September 2019 06:18

Daily Scoop, 9/19/19

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Today is Thursday, September 19th- It IS - Talk Like A Pirate Day, Butterscotch Pudding Day Happy Birthday – Jimmy Fallon 45 / Trisha Yearwood 54 A volcano on Jupiter is getting ready to blow and blow big! A Devil Wears Prada Musical is set to debut next summer. Alec Baldwin and his wife are having another kid. So 5 under the age of 6! Kiefer Sutherland will star in a remake of The Fugitive TV series.…
Wednesday, 18 September 2019 06:15

Daily Scoop, 9/18/19

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Today is Wednesday, September 18th - It IS - Air Force Birthday, Ceiling Fan Day, Cheeseburger Day You can get Pepsi Believeland bottles for Browns-Rams SNF.  Taylor Swift announced a stadium tour, and will open the new LA Rams Stadium – first woman ever to open a new NFL venue. The Saved By the Bell reboot will happen and Mario Lopez and Elizabeth Berkley will return. Netflix paid another 600 Million for Downton Abbey. Pizza Hut…
Tuesday, 17 September 2019 06:15

Daily Scoop, 9/17/19

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Today is Tuesday, September 17th- It IS - International Country Music Day, Monte Cristo Day, Tell Us Something Good Tuesday! Browns – (1-1) (won 23-3) Sunday Night Rams come to town. Big Ben is out for the year – Steeler fans are freaking out! Taylor Swift will join The Voice this season as a “Mega Mentor” You'll now be able to watch Seinfeld on Netflix! They spend 600 million so you can.... Jane Lynch and Cyndi Lauper…
Monday, 16 September 2019 06:14

Daily Scoop, 9/16/19

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Today is Monday, September 16th- It IS - Stepfamily Day, Guacamole Day, The Browns on MNF Worst Bathrooms in the NFL - Oakland, LA Rams, Redskins, Bills, Bengals. Felicity Huffman - Sentenced to 14 days in jail. Heinz now making a ketchup with a blend a veggies to help kids get their vegetables. About a third of families who eat dinner together, eat in silence! You will spend about $121,000 on dating in your lifetime! Biggest marital…
Friday, 13 September 2019 06:19

Daily Scoop, 9/13/19

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Today is Friday, September 13th, It IS- Friday The 13th (Positive Thinking Day), Blame Someone Else Day, Peanut Day Felicity Huffman will find out today is she is going the joint or not, and for how long... Popeye’s has a solution to their chicken sandwich shortage - BYOB Bring Your Own Bun.... Oreo Twix flavor now available! The Walkman is coming back for its 40th anniversary. Now you'll have USB charging, Bluetooth capability and touch controls…
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