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Sarah Kay's Nashville News, 7/11/19

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Tim McGraw is standing up to cancer…
Eric Church almost missed out on a hit song…

Tim McGraw is standing up to cancer. He's partnering with the Stand Up to Cancer campaign and American Airlines. 
For a $25 donation in the month of July, the airline will write the name of someone who has died from cancer or is a cancer survivor on its Airbus A321, which will begin flying in September. 100 percent of the proceeds go to cancer research programs. Tim says his fight is personal, as many people in his family have fought cancer, including his father.

Eric Church has another hit on his hands with ‘Some of It,’ but the song almost didn’t make it on his latest album Desperate Man.
According to Eric, it wasn’t until he played the finished album for a close friend and then his wife then said- let’s play you what didn’t make it and the friend loved the song that he took another listen and put it on the finished product.