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Pet of the Week

Meet Kit...
Kit is the most photogenic pup! His handsome face and perky ears are hard not to swoon over. Kit is no stranger to the shelter life. This beautiful boy was last here in September of last year and adopted the following month. In between October and now Kit was here at the shelter for a brief moment, again as a stray, and quickly redeemed. Bouncing back and forth between home life and shelter are very stressful circumstances for such a young dog. However, Kit has managed to turn out a well rounded boy. During Kit's short stay previously he was a very easily excitable guy, had barely any manners, and was simply distracted by absolutely everything going on around him. Fast forward to present day....Kit is still young, spunky, and energetic....but much more relaxed, focused, and will effortlessly demonstrate a perfect "sit" for his handler. Kit could still benefit from further obedience training and definitely needs some lessons in the leash manners department! For the inconsistent lifestyle Kit has experienced this far in life this boy has made evident positives out of all the negatives. Kit is more than ready for a stable environment to call home. Kit deserves a family dedicated to providing love and care for the rest of his days!!
Pay It Forward For Pets is a 501c3 non profit organization that helps improve the lives of both people and “rescued” pets through special programs. The organization manages 6 programs that directly benefit the public and offers human resources and funding to county shelters and local rescue organizations in collaboration efforts to expedite adoptions and end euthanasia. To read more about our programs, please visit our website:

Note: Please keep in mind that all adoptable pets need time to decompress once they enter a home. For some it will happen quickly and for others it might take a few weeks. You'll want to be understanding of what they have been through and their level of insecurity. We ask that you treat all of them as if they were an 8 week old puppy. Assume they know nothing and begin at step one. You'll soon know what they are capable of and what behaviors you will need kindly work on with your new family member. It's called commitment! And, that's what these pets want more than anything!

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