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Pet of the Week

Meet Alex...

Alex is a very determined and eager to please boy. This lovely pooch has found his way back to the shelter once again. We are positive it is due to his strong and keen curiosity for exploration. Huskies are known escape artists and a free roaming breed. They need lots of space and a high enough fence to restrict them from allowing boredom to take over and make a break for an exciting adventure beyond their limits. Alex is dedicated to scouting out all corners of the globe and as a result has found himself back in a kennel at the county shelter. Not to worry, Alex is putting on a brave face here and is more than accepting of human attention and some one on one playtime! Alex knows his "sit" very well and is working diligently on his "down". Alex is smart and will no doubt be able to pick up on new tricks and basic training in no time. Treats are a great motivator but the best attention grabber for Alex is a fuzzy, bouncy, and enticing tennis ball! There is no greater feeling for this pooch than chasing after a toss as a reward for his obedience. Alex is very strong and would benefit from a good harness when on a stroll through the neighborhood. His leash manners aren't perfect but he does take well to confident and courteous correction. We are sure a special family is missing Alex's fun-loving, zealous, and wacky personality! 

Call 234-706-5501 to adopt. Pets are fully vetted, spay/neutered. Pay It Forward for Pets is a 501c3 nonprofit organization. Tax-deductible donations can be sent to 751 Delaware Ave., Akron, OH 44303. Visit us at


Pay It Forward For Pets is a 501c3 non profit organization that helps improve the lives of both people and “rescued” pets through special programs. The organization manages 6 programs that directly benefit the public and offers human resources and funding to county shelters and local rescue organizations in collaboration efforts to expedite adoptions and end euthanasia. To read more about our programs, please visit our website:

Note: Please keep in mind that all adoptable pets need time to decompress once they enter a home. For some it will happen quickly and for others it might take a few weeks. You'll want to be understanding of what they have been through and their level of insecurity. We ask that you treat all of them as if they were an 8 week old puppy. Assume they know nothing and begin at step one. You'll soon know what they are capable of and what behaviors you will need kindly work on with your new family member. It's called commitment! And, that's what these pets want more than anything!

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