Wednesday, 21 September 2022 06:19

Daily Scoop, 9/21/22

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Today is Wednesday, September 21st- It IS - Miniature Golf Day, Gratitude Day, Dance Day

Hawaii is once again the happiest state in America. West Virginia is the least happiest. 

73% of people think adding emojis to your messages makes you seem “cooler, friendlier and funnier.”

Gen Z-ers feel they should be able to wear sexy clothes to the office

If you're seeing more spiders in your house these days, it's because it's spider mating season - who knew?

We ALL spend about $200 a month on things we have no idea why we bought

You'll be able to buy a bowl that uses a small electric charge to make your food taste saltier – without adding any salt

We all touch our ears, eyes, and mouth about 200 times every day!

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