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Daily Scoop, 6/6/19

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Today is Thursday, June 6th- It IS - 75th Anniversary of D-Day, Drive-in Movie Day, YMCA Day, Gingerbread Day

The Browns have the most bets to win the Super Bowl!

Jennifer Aniston says everybody would be in for a Friend’s reunion! 

Hugh Grant says he's too old and too fat to be in any more romantic comedies.

Ed Sheeran is getting his own ketchup called EdChup.

According to a new study, people are over overwhelmingly more likely to respond to your online dating profile pic if it contains a Jeep.

A new study says, you're not embarrassed to live with your parents till your 28.

A new study has found that 15 minutes of meditation has the same effects on your well-being as going on vacation.

Millennials don’t like doorbells. They prefer texting. 

10% of Millenials DO NOT know how to ride a bike!

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