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Daily Scoop, 4/10/20

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Today is Friday, April 10th- It IS -Good Friday, Easter is Sunday, National Farm Animals Day, Cinnamon Crescent Day

Sunday it Grilled Cheese Day!

New episode of Tiger King is coming Sunday!

Netflix's Tiger King was seen by 34 million viewers in the U.S. in it's first 10 days. Stranger Things had 36 million.

Disney Plus is rebooting Doogie Howser MD with a female as Doogie - she will be a 16 year old Asian - American working in Hawaii.

Lucy Lawless will host a Xena: Warrior Princess marathon on SYFY. Every Thursday, starts next week, episodes will air from the morning to afternoon.

Taco Bell is introducing the Flamin Hot Doritos Locos Taco!! 

About half of spouses had NO idea what their partner did at work until they saw them working at home.

There are cases of family problems (fights – police calls) stemming from disagreements over toilet paper.

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