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Daily Scoop, 5/4/20

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Today is Monday, May 4th It IS - Star Wars Day (May The 4th be with you), Firefighters Day, Bird Day, Hoagie Day!

We will spend about 48% more on mom this year for Mother's Day, then we will on Father's Day!

Dunkaroos! The presale sold out in minutes!

Funfetti Cereal is now a thing!

$95,000 is the salary that makes people the happiest.

According to a new study, eating meat might be good for your mental health.

You can now buy an inflatable pool designed to fit in the back of your truck bed AND there are 4 foot deep inflatable “adult pools” available now.

Wineries around the world are doing virtual tasting rooms. You and your friends can all Zoom in and sip together. Check out

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