Monday, 11 January 2021 06:17

Daily Scoop, 1/11/21

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Today is Monday, January 11th, It IS - National PIZZA WEEK, Hot Toddy Day, Milk Day, Clean Off Your Desk Day

Browns BEAT The Steelers! Now on to Kansas City on Sunday.

The Buckeyes play in the National Championship game against Alabama!

Carrie, Miranda and Charlotte are set to star in a Sex & the City revival on HBO Max called And Just Like That.

Prince Harry and Meghan has quit social media saying there is to much hate there!

70% of us are using food and cooking as a way to connect with people during the pandemic.

Uncrustables is now making Turkey and Colby Jack Roll-Ups!

You can buy a hairy heart-shaped box filled with beef jerky this Valentine's Day.

12 states have an official dinosaur – Ohio Does NOT!

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