Wednesday, 13 January 2021 06:18

Daily Scoop, 1/13/21

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Wednesday, January 13th IS - Make Your Dream Come True Day, Take the Stairs Day, Rubber Ducky Day, Gluten Free Day!

Cadbury Mini Egg Chocolate Bars are coming this spring!!

Mountain Dew now has new a giant body pillow, so you can snuggle with your favorite pop. 

A TV series based on the board game Risk is in the works.

Aaron Rodgers will host an episode of Jeopardy sometime soon.

Netflix will be releasing a new movie every week till the end of the year!

Millenials are having anxiety as they have lost a year of dating since last spring.

Here’s a simple way to have a happier marriage: touch while sleeping. Those who do are far happier.

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