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Daily Scoop, 1/20/21

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Today is Wednesday, January 20th- It IS - Inauguration Day, Disc Jockey Day, Cheese Lovers Day, Buttercrunch Day

Happy Birthday - BRANTLEY GILBERT, 36

All 5 seasons of The Muppet Show start streaming on Disney+ on February 19th!

“This Is Us” new episodes will be delayed a few week as production is halted due to the pandemic.

Jet-Puffed is making heart-shaped strawberry marshmallows for Valentine's Day.

Green Bay is the Toilet Paper capital of the world!

52% of us have never deleted files, apps, or anything else from any of our devices. And 33% said they have files on their phones or other devices that are ten or more years old.

A new survey says, the number one reason for female infidelity is a lack of compliments at home.

There is now a hotline for people to call to just scream and hang up.

Experts say the windier it is, the less violent crimes are committed.

We are more creative when we visit and work in coffee shops...more stimulus is thought to be the reason.

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