Wednesday, 11 January 2023 16:44

New Year, New Dew!

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So the other day,  I heard Scott and Sarah, (no pun intended pitching) Pitch Black Mt. Dew.  I found it and figured put a little "Gabby Barrett" in my day. ("Pick Me Up")

My overall thoughts were in the picture above...  1. Tired, 2. Hey, I have a Pitch Black Mt. Dew Energy, 3. Energy!!!! and 4. Let's "Dew" this show.

The Pitch Black Mt. Dew is described as "a blast of dark citrus punch"...  It is a light purple soda.  Tastes like a blueberry drink to me but that maybe just the finish.

It is not the same as the Mt. Dew Purple Thunder at Circle K for a limited time....  and it is nothing like the Flaming Hot Flavor, thankfully.  

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