Lynn Kelly

Lynn Kelly

It was a yearly stop during the holiday's to see the Christmas diplays and pick up some fresh greenery.

After 66 years Donzell's Garden Center on Waterloo Rd is closing.  Lack of other businesses is being blamed.  There is just no traffic on that side of town.

It was always of joy at Christmas, however, their summer plants and flowers were supburb!  Their sister store in Cleveland, Gales Westlake Garden Center

remains open.  Read the story at and remember!

Wednesday, 12 June 2019 14:45

Just a donut from Akron!

Wow, Krispy Kreme is headed to the Big Apple!

A Flagship reail space will be off Time Square and be open 24 hours!

The new store will be 54 hundred square feet with stadium seating to see all the action!

With all the unique things to eat in New York, this is a fabulous addition.  World wide travelers visit daily expanding the brand!  The store open early next year.

Oh, and did you know they are already in Ireland!!!!

Just a donut from Akron!

Monday, 10 June 2019 14:30

NASA will let you vacation on the ISS

So you want excitement, something new, and far away from the daily grind in a vaction?

You'lll need to take a month off work, be in good shape, oh and have $50 million to cough up!

Yep, 50 million, not to mention just like here there will be extras.  Eating, wifi, etc.....It is the first time though NASA

has opened the door to regular folk travelling in space, even though Russia has been doing it.

They are hoping to open it u[ commercially and I am thinking a great commercial for someone will come out of this.

Who do you think will be the first?  Coke? Pepsi?  Budwieser....Hmmmmmmm

I will pass...I have no desire to go into space....maybe toes in the sand!

So we hear about it all the time.  To have a job, you need a car.  Transportation is a must.  While public transportation is available, it's not always that convienant or timely.

The Fund for OUr Economic Future and other organizations and foundations have created the $ million Paradox Prize.

They are willing to invest in what the orgainzers are calling, the big ideas that help Northeast Ohians who are stranded econimically by their geography.

Anyone can apply.  Go to  Applicants are to submit a 300 word summary of the transportation challenge they are trying to address.

The first deadline is July 15th.

Put your money where your mouth is!

Racve fans it's your chance to see America's Rallycross cars at Mid Ohio in Lexington!

This weekend the cars debut in Ohio at one of the best mixed tracks around!  I worked in Mansfield at Y105

for 4 years and frequented Mid Ohio for many events!  Even Paul Newman stopped there!

The Rallycross cars go from 0-60 in 1.9 seconds and can be modified cars or new builds.

This will be the first of two Rallycar events, the second running October 5-6.

For more info go to Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course!

Monday, 03 June 2019 14:32

Black Bears Are Coming to Ohio!

I just read that black bears are making their way into our state!  Now these are still considered endangered animals,

so don't get your shotgun out!  Word is, mamma bear kicks the boys out to find their own territory so she can have

more babies!  The bears appear to moving west from Pennsylvania!  Now they are mostly adorable when samll,

but can grow to several hundred pounds.  Hmmm, would not want to run in to one.  That being said, wild life

specials say they are not aggressive.  Mostly like huge racoons!!!  Really?  I hope you are right.

they give a few tips to bear-proof your yard:

Remove birdfeeders

Store garbage away

Keep pet foods inside

Clean out grille when done

Hives should be fenced in

Loud noises should scare them off should you encounter one, however, they do not like to be corned!

Don't go for the selfie!!

So National Hamburger day is today!  A favorite in our house for sure.  I have to admit, I do not partake very often.

I feel it is a true indulgence.  I do have a favorite though!  Arnie's SRO just up the street from us had the best.  They

use Kirby Meats, a true local!  I will say though it took a trip across the Pond (Atlantic Ocean) to taste my other fav.,

Five Guys!  Yes, a tried Five Guys in Canterburry England and I was sold!! I also will eat a turkey burger, and love

the different herbs you can add to turkey!  Well I am cartain many burgers were consumed this past weekend.

I hop you enjoyed yours!

Thursday, 23 May 2019 14:06

Yes, they are a thing!

Ok, Memorial Day Weekend is almost here.  You will definatley make a splash with these festive shorts

The weather is iffy so far for Northeast Ohio.  Buy these on Etsy, or stay in and make your man a pair!

Have fun!

Wednesday, 22 May 2019 13:03

May 23 What is Red Nose Day?

May 23 is Red Nose Day.

Created to keep children in need safe, healthy, and educated. It began in the UK as Comic Relief and adopted here in the US in 2015.

The children it benefits are here in the US and other poor communities around the globe.  It could be vaccinations, books, or a safe place to stay during the summer.

Walgreens is the location to pick up your Red Nose, or drop off an old one for recycling.

Be silly and have fun while rasing money for the youngsters who need it the most!

Friday, 17 May 2019 14:26

Warm weekend, time to be outdoors.

The weekend is promising to be summer like finally!

The Cleveland Marathon is Sunday...Good luck to all the runners!

If you are like me, it's time for flowers!  My windowboxes have been empty too long.  This is my favorite time of year.

Buying flowers and coloring up the house and yard.  I can't imagine not having them.  The fun is each and every year I do something different.

I never know what my boxes will hold this summer..Get your hands dirty this weekend!

The picture is the flowers I planted down our boulevard last weekend, my yards turn now!

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