Tuesday, 15 November 2022 16:56

Having Fun Isn't Hard!

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Education is important, but sometimes the responsibility of getting it can take away time from the things you enjoy. Think of your mom saying you aren't allowed to go out and play until your homework is done, or no TV until you study for that big test. For me, and I imagine a lot of people, that thing was reading. I had stopped reading for leisure about midway through highschool and didn't really get back into it until I got my first full time job after college. It's been extremely relaxing and fun to get back into a hobby I'd been neglecting for so long!

With reading more often comes more trips to the library. I love the library. It's always nice to have a quiet place to retreat to and know friendly faces will help you find what you need. Plus, I can always find a movie I've been wanting to watch while I get my books! I've been a huge bookworm since I was a child and so visiting the library to get my reserves is a joy I've experienced time and time again. It's been great to feel that again as of late and get back into reading so many types of books. I hope you find the time to get back into a hobby you've been neglecting for a while as well!

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