Tuesday, 07 February 2023 17:53

Forgetful Shopper

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To say I'm a forgetful person is an understatement. Just yesterday I arrived somewhere 15 minutes later than anticipated, because just before I got there, I remembered that I needed to pick up a library book, because it was the last day to get it. I turned around and got it in shame.

Shopping is a challenge within itself, I usually make a list beforehand, and sometimes just do grocery pickup so I stay on budget and know I'm getting everything I need. But today I had to venture out, and on top of my game day shopping, I needed a drill bit to hang up some curtains and q tips. I go down EVERY aisle just to make sure I get everything, keep my list with me on my phone and grab other things I should probably get too. Even doing all this, I still had to go back down a few aisles and almost forgot the q tips.

I left the store confident that I was successful. I got everything on my list, and I even got a new reusable bag! As I was driving away, I was thinking about the stuff that the store didn't have that I needed to get elsewhere, and I realized:

I forgot the drill bit.

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