Tuesday, 07 March 2023 18:37

Oscars Week: Tár

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The second film I watched this week to prepare for the Oscars was Tár. This is a psychological drama about a maestro named Lydia Tár, and the unraveling of her actions as she prepares for a live recording of a piece. This probably wouldn't be something I would seek out in theaters, but that's what I love about the Oscars, it puts things on your radar.

I really liked this film. It's stylish, raw, refined, and Cate Blanchet performs extremely well. The editing is well done and helps tell the story, as it should. As a former musician it wasn't really hard for me to follow along, but I'm almost certain if you're not musically inclined you'll be able to follow along. The way Lydia presents herself, from her clothes to her ideals, is a kind of shield that she wears in this modern world, and attempts to protect her from the secrets she hides.

No major gripes with this one, there are times it feels slow and the ending feels like it takes forever, but overall the longer scenes are never boring, and the story is interesting overall. Probably an 8/10 for this one as well.

I hope you'll follow along this week as I catch up on all of the best picture nominees!

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