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staff tim homeRachel was born and raised in Central Ohio, and moved to the Northeast Ohio area when she went to The University of Akron to study Communications with a focus on Media Studies. She fell in love with radio as she studied and has been on air since 2018. After a brief move to Missouri, Rachel is back on air in Ohio as the evening personality on WQMX!

When she’s not on-air, Rachel loves spending time with her friends and family, as well as her dog Sif and her kitten Pebbles! She loves to cook, read, and watch movies and tv to review online! She’s a huge fan of the Browns, Guardians, Buckeyes, and of course the Zips, but she usually goes to the games just to see the marching band!
Wednesday, 25 January 2023 19:10

The Oscar Nominations are HERE!

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I love movies, and I love it when movies I love get recognized! And with the Academy Awards this year, it looks like The Academy and I have similar tastes (for once). A lot of my favorites, like Everything Everywhere All at Once, Elvis, and The Fablemans all got different nominations. Check out the list below and see if your favorite got nominated! https://www.oscars.org/oscars/ceremonies/2023
Monday, 23 January 2023 18:45

Snow Way!

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The snow yesterday was AMAZING! It's crazy how snow without ice is 1000 times better than snow with ice! The roads are clear, it's not too cold, and it looks absolutely gorgeous outside! What could be better than that? A lot of my friends took advantage of the lovely snow and went on walks through the park. The dogs love to play in it when they go outside. I prefer looking at it through a…
Thursday, 19 January 2023 17:01

Trailer Thursday: Scream VI

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This trailer just dropped today, and now I'm even MORE excited for the movie! Scream VI is, well, the sixth installment of the Scream franchise. The movies had a soft reboot last January, and as a huge fan of the original films, I loved it! This new one takes place in NYC, and looks a little more...violent? Than the others we've seen before (and that's saying a lot!) I'm excited to see it in March!…
Tuesday, 17 January 2023 17:06

Moving Again!

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After months of saving, searching, applying, and touring, I have finally found a new place to call home! I'm so excited to have a place that I can call my own. I've been living with my family for such a long time, and I'm so grateful to have had a place to stay while I found somewhere to live! I'm so excited for so many things, cooking in my own kitchen, a new yard, a…
Monday, 16 January 2023 18:02

Dry January Doesn't Count With Food, Right?

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I'm participating in Dry January this year, and it's been going pretty well so far. I didn't realize how often drinking came up in my life, and it's weird to not say no just cause I don't want it, but also because I can't have it. But alas, this story doesn't start here, it starts where my food stories usually do: I bought a thing from Trader Joes and wanted to find a way to…
Thursday, 12 January 2023 22:05

Trailer Thursday: Beau is Afraid

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This trailer Thursday I'm highlighting the latest from A24: Beau is Afraid. A24 is not usually known for its linear storytelling, and this trailer is no exception. I'm not even entirely sure how to explain it, but if you're a Joaquin Phoenix fan, be sure to check it out! I definitely will be. Here's the trailer for Beau is Afraid.
Monday, 09 January 2023 17:17

Siffy Update!

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Sif had her very first grooming appointment and she is stylin! Her fur is all fluffy and her shedding has reduced significantly! She also smells really nice. Apparently she was a tad dramatic during her appointment, shiba's have a tendency to scream (search "shiba scream" on Youtube) and Sif has a bit of anxiety. She still seems a little tired from the experience but we got her her favorite treats as a reward! Hopefully she…
Friday, 06 January 2023 18:49

Rachel's Top 5 Songs of 2022!

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Ya'll asked for it, so here it is! Here's my top 5 songs of 2022 list! 5. If You Go Down (I'm Going Down Too) by Kelsea Ballerini 4. Son of A Sinner by Jelly Roll 3. Everything She Ain't by Hailey Whitters 2. Your Heart or Mine by Jon Pardi 1. Strange by Miranda Lambert Heres to more great music in 2023!
Thursday, 05 January 2023 18:50

Trailer Thursday: Renfield

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It's Trailer Thursday! This one just dropped today: Renfield! It looks like a modern vampire movie with the vampire’s familiar being the main character. Fun! I'm a huge fan of What We Do In The Shadows (show and movie) so I'm all for a cool new vampire flick filled with action. The cast also looks stacked, so excited to see Nic Cage as Dracula! Check out the trailer for Renfield below!
Wednesday, 04 January 2023 18:50

Shedding Season

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I live with a dog named Sif. Sif is a Shiba Inu. Shiba Inu's have 2 shedding seasons a year and it's just awful. It seems like no matter how much you brush the fluff just won't go away. I honestly just feel bad for her at this point, how do I remedy this? She doesn't seem to mind too much but it definitely looks like she's having an allergic reaction or something. We're going…
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