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Picture it: I’m at an event where they are honoring a coworker who is retiring after 57 of service. I’m heavily medicated on allergy medicine.

Joyce Lagios. She is an Akron Legend. She knows everyone. She has taught all that she has worked with so much. She has planned every event, been to every event, you get it. Heart of gold. But, here's what I learned from Joyce.

-Don't wear jean with holes in them. It is tacky and unprofessional. She HATES them.
-No open toed shoes at station events. Ever.
-Ask for help.
-And no one, no one is irreplaceable.

That last one I disagree with. There is only one Joyce. I will miss her in the office every day, but she deserves to enjoy her retirement.

Then, I look around the room and see the faces of these 3 babes also in the picture above. These girls who I spend many a day with. I realize in the past 6 months, we’ve all been promoted. We are all doing jobs we never knew we wanted, never knew we could do, or the jobs we dreamed about.
Here’s another thing, this is when the Claritin kicked in- one of us started as a part timer, one an unpaid intern, the other a street teamer, and the other the lowest in her department that you can start.
We are blessed to work for a local company that believes in local radio. We are hiring for our street team- and hey, you may be sitting in your own office, suffering from allergies ? writing a post like this one day ?
I’m the oldest, and I’m proud! Let’s go, ladies!

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