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Play the Wendy's Breakfast Matching Game!

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Wendy's Breakfast is delicious. So, you have that and now they have French Toast Sticks! I went there the other morning to get my go to, favorite sandwich- the Bacon, Egg and Swiss Crossiant (that swiss is liquid GOLD), and I saw the sign for the French Toast Sticks. I was so excited, I may have squealed!

I added them to the order and was better for it! They are delicious and the perfect sweet treat!

If you love Wendy's Breakfast like I do, you must start playing the Wendy's Breakfast Matching Game, now through October 9th ! All you do is register at, where you can play for a chance to win free Wendy’s breakfast for a year, thousand-dollars in Wendy's gift cards, and instant offers found in the Wendy’s App for breakfast items talking about the Breakfast Baconator, the Frosty-ccino, and of course, my go to the Bacon Egg and Swiss Crossiant. I am registered and I have been playing, so I invite all of you to play right along with me! The game resets every week, but we can play for that chance to win delicious Wendy’s Breakfast items! So, check in every day throughout the week to see if you have three Breakfast product matches.

If you do- you win Free Breakfast for a Year! Image in that? Then your only decision becomes- which days this week do I get the Breakfast Baconator?! Other
prizes include instant offers for delicious Wendy’s breakfast items. And ANYONE who registers for the game, will have a chance to win $1,000 in Wendy’s Gift Cards! Remember the Wendy’s Breakfast Matching Game resets every week! So, start playing today and keep playing every week until 10/9! Register and dets at 


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