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Celebrating Life at Gervasi Vineyard During Their 10th Anniversary!

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Gervasi Vineyard in Canton is celebrating their 10th anniversary. Last night, they held a media event to unveil some great promotions that are taking place over the next few weeks and I attended.

I paid attention, I live 4 minutes from Gervasi- and I hit a red light. This is in my backyard and let me tell you, this place is beyond a gem.

Ted Swaldo, the owner of Gervasi said the best compliment he receives about the property is that when guests arrive, they feel like they are in another country. He is proud to have this place in Canton, in Stark County. If you have never visited Gervasi, make plans now. If you have visited, go back. They continue to make this a destination that know all the world for a reason. The wine, the food, the amenities! Amazing!

You drive through the front gates and let me tell you- you are transported to Italy. You will not believe you are in Canton. In Ohio. On Earth for that matter. This place is incredible. I wish there was a better word. Stunning. That is better. You are driving into an Italian village.

They have the vineyards, yes- but they also have restaurants, villas to stay in, a new world-class luxury hotel, a marketplace, wedding venues, and they recently opened a distillery! This is all in Canton. On an old farm!

In the summer they have the Piazza open. To say this is just a pretty patio is selling it short. You have amazing views of the lake, you can play bocce, enjoy live music and sip some of the best sangria you will ever taste.

Make plans for lunch, dinner, a romantic getaway, your wedding, all the things. Gervasi can accommodate anything and the staff is super kind. Words and pictures can't accurately express how beautiful this place is, so I am telling you 100% it is worth a trip. I will let you stay at my house if need be ;)

Over 3 million people have visited in the past 10 years. There is a reason. Check them out at

To Gervasi Vineyards, I thank you for 10 years in the community I call home and thank you also for creating a place that offers such amazing, unique experiences.

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