Friday, 21 February 2020 05:53

The Captain's Chair

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The Warren and I usually don't do gifts for birthdays, anniversaries, Valentine's Day, Christmas, etc. This year before Valentine's Day we got my parents gently used couch. It is wonderful, but we had all this extra space in our family room. One day, the Warren looked at me and jokingly said- “I'd like to have a present this year for Valentine's Day. A puppy or a recliner. The choice is yours.” He thinks he is hilarious!

Now of course, I am human people- I would love a puppy. That is another blog entirely! I found myself at Hartville Hardware a few days after this conversation with my hubby and wouldn't you know it- they have furniture, it was on sale and the recliners we're absolutely amazing! The Warren got one and he is a happy camper.

There are hours upon hours when he doesn't move. I find myself looking over and admiring him in is captain's chair as we are starting to call it. He looks so happy and content and that makes me so happy and content.

Maybe a dog is next, we shall see ;)

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