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A HUGE THANK YOU has to go out the Acme associates that have stepped up over the past week or so and will continue to do so. They are showing up, stocking shelves, keeping the stores clean and safe. They are doing their jobs and doing it well.

This is a historical time that we may never see again. We are all in this together and going to get food at Acme has always been a comfort for me. To go there and see them helping customers load their cars, load their carts, help find products, help keep the calm, fill prescriptions, they are keeping it as normal as possible. There are people who normally stock shelves working the check out and vise versa. They are still fast and friendly. They are stepping up and that is so appreciated.

Acme has been serving our community for over 125 and they will continue to do so, as we navigate our way through this crisis with understanding and patience. You can share your stories of any and all associates going above and beyond on Acme's Instagram or Facebook page and maybe you will hear your story on the radio! Use the hashtag #LoveMyAcme

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