Wednesday, 18 November 2020 05:27

All the Pink Christmas Trees Are Up! Too Soon? Nahhhh!

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While I out using some vacation days, I decided to decorate our house for Christmas. All 14 of our pink Christmas trees are up and shining bright. They all have a theme: from tall and pink, to pigs, a sweet tree, a music tree, a Golden Girls tree, to our newest tree- the fiber optics tree! I also have two light-up Christmas pigs in the family room. Not to mention, garland and bows and lots of other festive touches.

Some say it is too early, I say who cares? I do not. Look, I usually put up my decorations right before or right after Thanksgiving. This year is different- to say the least. I was looking for something to lift my spirits. I love Christmas. I love looking at my trees. I love having all the lights on. So, I did it now. You do you.

This weekend, the plan is to decorate the outside! Yay!

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