Monday, 05 April 2021 05:21

Rylee is 11!

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Rylee is 11! I mentioned before that I got the pleasure of meeting Rylee, a girl who is bravely living her life with the knowledge that she is dying of a serve illness. She really is living her best life. No excuses. She is brave. She is strong. She is fun. She is Rylee, because she has to be.

For whatever reason, this little spitfire likes me. She wanted to meet me, so we made it happen. She invited me to her birthday party, and I was not saying no! So on Saturday I went and had a great time. Again, Rylee made me feel like I was doing something special by being there. It was her day. Her birthday. She got me a dozen pink roses and a card. You see, because as she told me- everyone needs flowers so they feel special. Come on! The card, you guys! Let me just say, what she wrote in this card is something I will never, ever forget.

She is my new bestie. There is a 35 year-old stuck in this now 11 year-old's body. I kept telling her she was out of this world. Funny because her party was stars and galaxy themed, but she really is just something else. Words are my thing, but they really can't describe how happy I am to have met Rylee, her mama and all the people that love them.

Happy Birthday, Rylee!

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