Sarah Kay

Sarah Kay

Wednesday, 29 May 2019 06:18

Daily Scoop, 5/29/19

Today is Wednesday, May 29th- It IS – Biscuit Day

By the end of a school year, parents will have asked their kids to 'hurry up' almost 540 times!

New Trend - Summer Fridays. 30% of offices will give workers a free Friday afternoon every week.

IHOP is changing its name again to IHOp. We find out what the little p stands for Monday.

Chipotle will be tweeting out 1 million worth of burritos during NBA Finals.

There is a new Skittles drink mix that turns water into liquid candy.

A new study says that in order to save the planet, we should only be working 9 hours a week.

A study found that seeing cute pictures online increases productivity. 

According to science, bassists are the most important band member.

Cuyahoga County banned plastic bags as of last night...

Tuesday, 28 May 2019 06:54

Plant Something!

It’s tradition around our house to plant our annual flowers sometime during the Memorial Day Weekend. We are not alone in this, as we saw a bunch of our neighbors doing and the same.

When we went to the greenhouse to get the flowers, it was packed and I so enjoy going up and down the aisle and just looking at everything.

I usually get pink flowers- the geraniums the petunias and then I throw in a hanging basket. I always try to pick out something different and this year I saw the basket in this picture and had to have it. A fuchsia! Love it!

I so enjoy getting out my planter and filling them with my flowers each year, watching them grow and I love looking at my yard so full of color! Next up- getting out my pink lawn flamingos! Haha!

Tuesday, 28 May 2019 06:52

Website of the Day, 5/28/19


It's Hamburger Day!

Tuesday, 28 May 2019 06:22

Sarah Kay's Nashville News, 5/28/19

Maren Morris to release an EP…
Eric Church made history…

Maren Morris will release an EP of three acoustic versions of her biggest songs. The songs are Girl, The Bones and The Middle.
She'll also release a behind-the-scenes video of the making of the record as well as explanations of the songs.
Maren Morris: Reimagined comes out May 31st.

Eric Church had a great weekend- he became the first country music solo act to headline Nissan Stadium in Nashville and he set the attendance record. Eric brought his Double Down Tour to town without a co-headliner or opening act and played to 60,000 people.

Tuesday, 28 May 2019 06:17

Quote of the Day, 5/28/19


Be strong. You never know who you're inspiring. 

Tuesday, 28 May 2019 06:15

Daily Scoop, 5/28/19

Today is Tuesday, May 28th- It IS - Hamburger Day, Dinner on the Couch Day (30% of us do), Brisket Day, Tell Us Something Good Tuesday!

Aladdin - #1 at the Box Office with about $86 million over the weekend!

Adam Levine is leaving The Voice. Gwen Stefani to join for season 17.

Google searches for “Cancel HBO” skyrocketed after Game of Thrones was over.

Chrissy Teigen to star in Judge Judy style series called Chrissy's Court.

Drink White Wine? - You are a night owl and are out going. Drink Red Wine? - You are an early bird and are organized.

Yoo-hoo brought back its Cookies & Cream drink that tastes like liquid Oreos!

43% of us are too scared to find out what's really in a hot dog.

Having fresh flowers in your home or office can reduce pain and anxiety.

40% of us don’t know our work phone number!

Friday, 24 May 2019 06:48

Grill this Weekend? Nope, Air Fryer!

This weekend is the official unofficial start of summer and a lot of us will be firing up the grill. Not me and the Warren. I know we are late to the game, but we finally bought an Air Fryer and we. Are. In. LOVE! Where has this machine been our entire lives?

The Warren made chicken wings first and said they were incredible, so I had to try! Last night, I made us some hot dogs. I kid you not, I will never make a hot dog any other way again!!!! They were amazing. I mean I won’t turn down other hot dogs, but I can’t clearly express how impressed I was with how this Air Fryer cooked them.

I am not clear on how the Air Fryer works, but it cooks with air and it’s cleaner, healthier and I love it. I even cooked my cauliflower fries and they were crispier than just baking them. I am hooked. As many of you all know, you can register online to get other great Air Fryer recipes and I can't wait to experiment.

So, the moral of this story is- Air Fryers are the future, the now, and a must! This weekend we will Air Fry all the foods!

Friday, 24 May 2019 06:38

Website of the Day, 5/24/19


Veterans Affairs

Everything you need to know about Memorial Day...

Friday, 24 May 2019 06:30

Sarah Kay's Nashville News, 5/24/19

Kimberly of LBT gains new family members…
Blake Shelton may not make another album…

Kimberly Schlampman of Little Big Town has a few new arrivals at her house.
She recently posted a super sweet Instagram picture of her newest family members- 8 Golden Retriever puppies. The family’s dog recently gave birth and no word yet on if she is keeping all the pups.

Blake Shelton isn't sure he'll be making any more albums unless his record label forces him to put out a new one.  
He says, "When I think about an album right now, I don't know. Do people really care about them anymore? I'm having a blast releasing singles. Maybe I'll do that from now on."
“God’s Country” is his latest single and it is climbing the charts real fast. His last album, Texoma Shore, came out in 2017.

Friday, 24 May 2019 06:18

Quote of the Day, 5/24/19


We don't know them all, but we owe them all. 

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