Sarah Kay

Sarah Kay

Tuesday, 02 April 2019 06:46

Quote of the Day, 4/2/19


Kindness is the ability to love people more than they deserve. 

Tuesday, 02 April 2019 06:13

Daily Scoop, 4/2/19

Today is Tuesday, April 2nd- It IS - Reconciliation Day, Ferret Day, PB&J Day, Tell Us Something Good Tuesday!

Target is selling $40 inflatable "kiddie" pools that fit 3 adults. 

Burger King is making a meatless Whopper.

You can get a new Mountain Dew limited edition Game of Thrones can - that changes colors when it's cold.

You can load in a new app called called Refrigerdating- you post pics of the inside of your fridge - and others swipe on your food compatible matches.

They are in the final stages of adding break dancing as an official event for the 2024 Olympic Games.

Minnesota is the least stressful state to live in. New York the most.


This past Saturday, I got to sit down with Team Sarah, and some people from the gym for a celebratory lunch for winning this year's Forever Fitness 24 Challenge. By the end of 8 weeks, my team of 3 girls (myself included) and 3 guys dwindled down to me and the boys! With schedules and life, only one team member could meet for lunch- Chad White.

Let me brag a bit about Chad! He was also the Individual Winner from the Challenge. He lost over 18% of his body fat and 40 pounds during our 8 week challenge. To say he killed it is an understatement! I say this all the time and I mean it- we are all winners because we all lost weight. 

A huge thank you to Clean Eatz in Cuyhoga Falls for providing the delicious lunch. We all got bision burgers and they were outstanding. Jamie and Jackie, the owners treated us with such hospitality it was awesome. From balloons, decorations and even a card. They are just lovely. They also have a location in Canton. Clean Eatz offers healthy food options from burgers to wraps, salads, bowls and tons more. Check it out for sure.

Another big thank you to my peeps at Forever Fitness 24. This gym takes care of all of us during the Challenge, but I go there through out the year and these are just good people. Weight loss is a personal journey that has to become a lifestyle and as hokey as this may sound- my peeps at FF24, they are like family now. This gym changed my life. I walked in the doors there in 2017 over 120 pounds heavier and I each time I want to go home and nap or eat an entire pizza in one sitting, I tell myself to go see my gym family. This Challenge reminds me each year that 8 weeks can change these people's lives too, so I say- join us next year!!! 

Team Sarah: victorous 2 years in a row- we are a dynasty! Team Ken- he's not so bad either ;) 

Monday, 01 April 2019 07:57

Website of the Day, 4/1/19


See the lineup, schedule, get ticket info and much more!

Listen at 7:40 for your chance to win:


A pair of tickets to see
with Morgan Wallen & Jameson Rodgers
on Saturday, November 16th at
Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland!

Tickets on sale this Friday, April 5th at 10am

Monday, 01 April 2019 07:35

Moral Dilemma Monday, 4/1/9

MDM, 4/1/19

Over the last couple of weeks, I've been hanging out with a close friend's ex-girlfriend, platonically, after we ran into each other at a bar. We have a real connection.

I can't stop thinking about her. I'm kind of smitten. And I know she wants to take it to the next level, too.

The problem is, my friend had a long relationship with this girl, and I think he's still kind of in love with her. So what do I do here? Can I get away with dating my friend's ex?


Monday, 01 April 2019 07:30

Sarah Kay's Nashville News, 4/1/19


Kellie Pickler’s talk show has been canceled…
Lots of new country collaborations

Kellie Pickler's talk show, Pickler and Ben, has been canceled after two seasons. 
The show which was produced by Faith Hill was just for two Daytime Emmys. Picker and Ben will still be one until September.

And in collaboration news- Chris Stapleton teamed up with Pink on "Love Me Anyway," a track from her new album, Hurts 2B Human, which comes out later this month. And, Little Big Town, Kelsea Ballerini and Jon Pardi collaborate with Thomas Rhett on his new album, Center Point Road, which comes out May 31st. 

Monday, 01 April 2019 07:21

Quote of the Day, 4/1/19

Quote of the Day, 4/1/19

Connect the dots, but connect them in your own way. 

Monday, 01 April 2019 06:15

Daily Scoop, 4/1/19

Today is Monday, April 1st- It IS – April Fool’s Day, Indian’s Home Opener, US Air Force Academy Day, National Fun Day, Sourdough Bread Day

70% of bosses think that April Fool’s jokes have no place in the workforce.

Law & Order SVU is now the longest running prime time live action series as it is renewed for 21st season- passed Gunsmoke.

You can now get dreamsicle dipped cones at DQ.

Taco Bell is adding Churro Donuts to the menu.

NASA will pay you $18,500 to spend 60 days in bed to test the effects of gravity.

About 25% of us spend about 10 hours a day on social media

Even if you THINK about coffee, it gives your brain a boost.

A new survey found that 60% of us are not getting anything done on our to-do lists!

Monday, 25 March 2019 08:54

Moral Dilemma Monday, 3/25/19


Joe’s office has an extremely relaxed dress code. He wears hoodies, jeans, even shorts year round to work. His wife on the other hand, her work has a very strict dress code. The problem has now become their 9 year-old son.

He fights every morning for school because he wants to dress like dad and wear tshirts and shorts every day. Joe gets in trouble because he laughs it off and thinks it's slightly funny. The school has noticed his dress attire and said something about wearing shorts during winter months.

His wife thinks he should be setting a better example, but what is a guy to do? #MDM #ScottAndSarah

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