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WYNN - BROWNS - Stealing Your Own Identity

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The Browns are in deep trouble. Frankly, the ridiculous loss Sunday night is another example of games that not only should have been won, but in many phases were won, only not to be. 

The Browns defense played an historic game on the road against a very good team on national TV and against the games most electrifying QB.  We only allowed 16 points, had 4 interceptions and many defenders had very good nights against an incredible player.  And yet, we lose a big game we needed to win and it's tough to take. The Browns have returned to new and exciting ways to lose games.

Can't score, can't win, plain and simple.  First, my heart broke for Jack Conklin seeing him try to walk off the field proudly after a knee injury.  Baker Mayfield is gaming out there in pain, hurt, and is less than he usually is. Jarvis Landry is clearly hot healthy as well, and all of that is alright, it's football.  Good to see Kareem Hunt back, too bad no one really told the coaches he was, seven carries, Nick Chubb 8 carries, it baffles the mind. And a QB that has a ton of injuries was asked to pass about 40 times while the two best players essentially watched.

And here we go again, more beer league ball at a very important moment and it blew up big. Browns down 6-0 and we hit a long play and are down about the 30 of the Ravens. THEN, a razzle dazzle thing deal where they snap the ball to WR Jarvis Landry, and he's supposed to throw it I think back to Mayfield, but it goes wrong and then he runs, and jukes and fumbles and we lose the ball I think on first down.  Absolutely embarrassing, ludicrous and amateurish at that moment of that game. 

Think about it for one minute. Important moment. So we snap the ball to a wounded receiver who really can't run well right now, who then is supposed to throw it back to a very injured QB who really can't run right now, and what is he supposed to do with it? We will never know. All being done against a really good defense in a big game on the road. We turn it over, it's a terrible decision.  And Chubb and Hunt watched it all, and I am positive internally shook their heads.

It was a big moment and we blew it  - again. And I am SURE the Ravens coaches in the Press Box had a very big laugh over that moment.  They should send thank you cards, because that moment could possibly have swung the game for the moment our way with just a tiny bit of common sense.  And how is it that it takes us 5 minutes, a TV time out, one of our own timeouts, a penalty and we still can't get the right amount of players on the field to receive a punt?  That we didn't get.  Just shameful.  Keystone Cops again. These issues are NOT the players faults, I think they played really hard  - yet again.

Please remind the people in charge we have the two best running backs in the league. Please remind them that THEY decided to make a commitment two years ago to run first, pass second. Please remind them this is the NUMBER ONE rushing team in the NFL.  Please remind them this team has an identity, that they built!  They are more concerned about racking up stats, than wins, and it's a shame.  Sometimes you must go directly through a great opponent and not over the top of them.  As a coach, you must find a way to reach your players deep within to "out physical" the enemy. That's what Chubb and Hunt are for, along with the best offensive line in the NFL.  And can we please make the field goals we are supposed to make? That is what playoff teams do!

But fairly, put this in the same column as the Chiefs and Chargers, of games the Browns should have won and didn't. Again on the road, and that to me shows real player heart.  The offense was terrible, but the defense was more than incredible, game balls all the way around to them.  To play that well, on that field, against that team, in our division, and that QB?  You've GOT to win that game. But when you steal your own identity, you won't, and don't.

Because no other team is going into that stadium this year and do what your defense just did, you must find a way to win that game.


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