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WYNN - Nice Idea, But Do You Really Think....

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SW small Logo  Maybe you've seen this before, I have a time or two, but I'm not sure this is going to happen.  There seems to be a new white paint that some say could possible replace air conditioning in the near future. Sound great, but to you really think this is going to happen?

Yeah, me either, BUT I do think that stuff like this is really cool (No pun intended) but, it sure would be nice to lower that bill a few buck, and I do think we can all agree with that.  I can't imagine telling people at your house, "No AC today, I just painted the walls with new white paint, I know it's 90, but it's the future."    Now knows, it may be possible someday to do many things that sound impossible, then world always amazes.

And it is fun to learn new things. 

This Paint Could Replace Air Conditioning Someday

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