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WYNN - Country Music Memory Lane - One And Done

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SW small Logo This week a little different kind of story.  A while ago I wrote an article here called, "Flashes."  Stars that came out in country music over the past few decades that looked like big stars, but things just didn't work out. It does happen. This is an article about those that came out and had one really big song on the country charts and that was it. One And Done.  Some of these were really big songs too, and some were incredibly popular with listeners.  I have played all these songs on great radio stations all across the country.

For many, they just never really had another big hit.  As always we go back to 1980 only here, and there are others out there I know, but these really stuck out to me. We can maybe do a follow up -   or two  -  or three to this at some point.  There will also be two Honorable Mentions here as the are clearly outside of the 42 year window, but one of them is maybe the biggest One And Done ever in country.

There is no order here, just this fun list - Take a listen!

I Don't Have To Be Me (Till Monday)  -  Steve Azar  (2002 #2)

We did a "Classified Concert" with him here at WQMX at the Lakemore Plaza about this time, and it poured down rain, but he played until they shut us down.  This was a very popular song that listeners loved and almost went #1. But as great as this song is, it was his only big song.  But it's a good one!  His next song was Waitin' On Joe, and fans liked it, but it gained no traction.


Daddy's Money  Ricochet   (1996  #1)

This was a smash!  And you know they did release a few other songs, but no one remembers those. I was doing mornings at WPCV In Lakeland, Florida at this time and this was very popular in the clubs, at partys, and on the radio.  These guys vocally were exceptionally talented and I thought there was more, but this was about it.  There were other singles but nothing like this one for them.


Until I Met You  Judy Rodman   (1986 #1)

The incredible Judy Rodman with her angelic voice was a real talent signed to Mary Tyler Moore Records in the mid 1980's.  MTM Nashville had a few acts and this album was quite good, and so was this absolutley beautiful song, (written for Loretta Lynn years earlier)  but it was pretty much one and done, but this version went #1. Rodman was honored by the ACM as well. There were a couple more from that album, and another, but this was the big song. MTM Records then closed. She still works as a great song writer, teacher and producer in Nashville!  This lost treasure is a total gem of a country song.  I was a big fan of her and this project.


Who I Am  Jessica Andrews    (2000  #1)

When this song was #1, we all thought there was a lot more on the way from her, but this was it. A total smash from an 18 year old singer with a big voice.  We did a few shows with her here at WQMX, but this song was all she ever really did big on the charts.


Leave The Pieces  The Wreckers  (2006)

I remember when they came to do a show with us here at WQMX, fans were really excited, as we had a concert with them near the Akron/Canton Airport in an outdoor venue.  Michelle Branch and Jessica Harp both had solo careers and this was a match made in heaven.  They were great and listeners LOVED this song that went #1, and fans still love this really cool song. The next single My, Oh My, had mild success, but this is the song that endures by far.  This is a fantastic record!


One Voice  -  Billy Gilman  (2000  #20)

He was 12 when this song was out, and became the youngest male to ever chart a top 20 country song. We got lots of calls for this  - as kids, Nana, Moms, and YouTube since has loved this song.  But this was it on the charts for Billy Gilman, but it was a much loved song!


Bonus - Honorable Mentions

You're Only Lonely  -  J.D. Souther  (1979 #top 50)

This song was big hit and the A/C charts, I think a multiple week #1 there.  J.D. Souther is a GREAT song writer and wonderful artist.  I played this song on every country station I worked for the first 20 plus years of my country radio career.  Great song, sounds great, "tests" well, and country fans loved it. But as far as the country charts were concerned this was it, where it had very, very mild success. It makes the list because listeners single handledly kept this song on country radio gold playlists because they liked it. Truth is, he was way ahead of the country music curve at this time, we just weren't quite ready for this yet in sound or image.


Harper Valley PTA  -  Jeannie C. Riley  (1968 #1)

May be the biggest One And Done ever in country. Written by the amazing story teller, the late Tom T. Hall this sold millions world wide, and won a ton of awards.  There was even a movie based on the story in the song. It was country, it was pop, and is still one of the biggest crossover songs of all time.  There was a time everyone on earth new this song.



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