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WYNN - BROWNS - Now What?

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A few days ago I wrote a comment on one of the Browns social media outlets online, and a bunch of people jumped on me stating various lousy things about my fandom.  My comment was benign enough, as I said that Kevin Stefanski is not the passionate leader this team needs.  I stand by it.  Many climbed on me.  That's fine, I don't respond, it's simply an opinion and I feel no need to be "right" 

When I write here, I just write what I see honestly.  I love the Browns and I want them to win, but reality is tough sometimes, especially after Sundays absolute travesty on the field.  I will stand by this too, they just aren't that good from top to bottom.  True, the Bengal and Raven games were both a step in the right direction, it was a split.  But you know those teams well, and it's hard not to get up for those games.  The Bengal game was a must win, on National TV, Monday Night Football, with a huge crowd, and the fear of being very embarrassed on nationwide TV I feel was a big factor.  And they got it done.  But also there was a law of averages thing too. We had lost 4 in a row and they had won 4 of 5.  Streaks end.

What happened in Miami Sunday, was nothing short of a disaster.  Miami is really good, BUT, that's not an excuse.  To be out manned on every single play of the game essentially after the first three minutes speaks volumes about the Browns. The Browns gave up on the run early, they put the game in a backup QB's hands and continued to make incredibly dumb game time and offensive decisions that I am sure has opposing sidelines snickering.  It has me snickering.... When we went down 10 points I (and you) knew the game was over. 

Defense.  Oh my.  I keep hearing and reading that "Joe Wood's Defense" is awful and fans say he should be fired.  I have a slightly different take.  As an organization, they decide who to keep and who to cut.  They have a very good offensive mind at head coach and that is a HUGE problem in this situation overall.  This organization decided to be small, fast and nimble on defense and to sock a bunch of money into guys who supposedly can cover the pass.  The BROWNS never considered that other teams would do - that day  - what is required to win -  that game -  because WE DON'T. We know one way to play.  The Falcons decided to run the ball right down our throats in week four and push our young defensive lineman and our 215 pound linbackers down the field with their 350 pound lineman. And every team since then has done the exact same thing.

The Browns have themselves to blame for the defensive woes, not just Joe Woods.  You have who you have.  And what you have are inferior interior linemen, with small linebackers and safety's who are being dominated weekly by very big, very motivated men who also get paid.  Then guys in the secondary that are hurt a lot and who are not near as good as the media thinks they are.  You also have put your faith in two very expensive defensive ends who week in and week out do not make big plays that matter in games that matter. It's a mess.  And it's more than likely not going to get much better.  Yes, they have had injuries but so has everyone else.

These running backs for Miami were pretty much untouched all day long.  They could have made some of these runs without a helmet on it was that awful. And keep in mind, Miami is a team that really doesn't want to run the ball, but you have to against the Browns, that's how bad things are here on defense.  This is the defense the BROWNS organization bet on with poor decisions and analytics, so this is who they are.  Maybe in the draft next year....oh wait, we don't have a big draft pick next year, or the next, my bad.

Stefanski's offense has been livable, the QB has played quite well, and the offensive line and Chubb are great. The scheme, patience, play calling and in game decision making is not.  But more than that is this. This teams demeanor is his professional demeanor.  Laid back, lifeless, uninspired and quite frankly, submissive.  They constantly allow other teams to dictate everything about the game instead of the other way around.  And have you ever noticed during games when the TV camera is on Stefanski, he's always alone, by himself with no one within 10 yards of him?  I think that's strange.  Ever see him really bark at an official?  Yeah, me either...

Hey I get it, many say that things are the best they've been in 20 years here and I'll listen to that.  But where is that bar set? Stefanski as of this writing is 23-21, and 11-15 since his first year.  Granted, way better than the coaches before him, but that is literally saying nothing.  What do you want as fans?  This?  Or better?  I will never say any coach should be fired because it is all a collaborative effort, coaches can be the fall guy,  but I will say this.  The Browns have problems from the top guy and gal to the 53rd player on the roster.  You are not this troubled by a single weak area. 

They need to get big, be tougher, stronger, angrier, smarter, hit harder and be far more motivated going forward, and I am not sure you get there with this bunch in control.  Yes, your quarter of a billion dollar QB is on the way, and that in time only solves that area.

I hope he can play linebacker, safety, or defensive tackle too.

Go Browns!!

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