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WYNN - What Is It About Cookies?

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SW small Logo The Holidays are over for another year and that for me is a double edged sword.  They are fun, although very busy, hectic and go way too fast.  I always travel some at the holidays and I love that.  The general good feeling is a blessing and so is the time off for many of us.  BUT - sheesh the cookies.

THEY ARE EVERYWHERE!  You can't get away from them.  Now I'm not saying that's a bad thing, but.....

I don't know about you, but cookies are my downfall.  Oh, I like a good piece of pie, or cake, ice cream too.  But cookies?  Well, they are just in a different league.  They are everywhere around the holidays, you can't escape them. You make some, you're given some, you buy some, and they are always right there!  RIGHT THERE in the kitchen, and I can hardly walk by a plate of cookies and not grab one - or a few.

They are so easy to eat, no plate, no napkin, no knife, no cutting, or opening the fridge, or putting anything back.  You don't have to wash a fork, or find a plastic one.  It's just the easiest thing on the planet.  You walk by, you grab a cookie and by the time you're done walking through the kitchen, it's gone. It's perfect.

And don't we all think that it's "just a cookie."  It's not a huge piece of pie or cake and its' way better for us, and in the long and literal run, it probably is.  But it's the half dozen part in a single day that gets you.

Christmas Cookies - THE BEST

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