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WYNN - #48 - Back To December - Taylor Swift - 2010

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Taylor Swift was a polarizing figure in country music. She left us for Pop a few years ago and I respect that, especially not using us as a safety net as has been done many times prior.  When she was country, there was great success and a ton of new and younger fans. I felt this was a very important song for her.  Until this song, Swift was recording songs that had that wonderful feel of youth.  It was easy to see why young fans loved her dearly.  But to me, this song was the bridge to a far more adult sound and Swift.  It's a song of incredible sorrow, grown up regret, and total accountability. Not many songs have the guts to be that vulnerable anymore.  In short, it's very real.  The fantastic musical arrangement was very different for her and this qualifies as a solid power ballad.  After hearing this the first few times, it was clear Taylor Swift was capable of much more than we had heard up until this.  Fantastic song, written and sung by the right artist  -  at the right time.  Perfection in many ways from a remarkable story teller. This song doesn't age at all, as it still sounds great.

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For the past three years I've been writing my Country Music Memory Lane Series and my Mega Star Series.  They post here on Thursdays.

Over the past 42 years I've played Country Music continuously on the radio, I am featuring 50 songs that are ones I have enjoyed playing the most, and in many cases still play -  on the radio. 

I am NOT saying these are the BEST songs, just the ones I enjoy the most.

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