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An All Star Season!

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With the Indians season underway and things starting to warm up, we have much to look forward to.  The 2019 All Star Game is coming to Cleveland and the area is pretty geeked up!  Cleveland will host its 6th All Star Game, which is more than any other franchise!

I am a big Tribe fan, and a 20 game season ticket holder (section 172).   I remember as a kid when the All Star game seemed like such a big deal, and it was.  It was baseball on during the week, which was rare enough, but all those stars coming together was just magical.  With today's athletes, the pay, the hype and the saturation of games on TV, it may seem less of a big deal than it was in our youth.  

But when it comes to your town?  It's not less at all.  Having he entire baseball and social media world coming to, and watching your town is the stuff that evokes immense civic pride.  I have always said that nothing can galvanize a city like a winning baseball team.  It's the every day-ness of it, the pressure, the drama, and the post season. 

Best part is this year the momentum will continue through July, as where the rest of the baseball world has a few days off to rest, we will just be warming up for the fun to come.

Who can forget the last time we had the All Star Game?  Indian great Sandy Alomar WON the game for the American League!  And was the games MVP! 

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