Thursday, 04 April 2019 09:03

Luke Combs - Regular Guy

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Luke Combs is on pace to be something that is the rarest of the rare.  A "regular guy" seemingly coming out of nowhere and rocketing to the top of the charts, and the format in general.  You have heard all the numbers, #1 here, and there, for tons of weeks.  It has all happened so fast, it's remarkable.

And this is just getting started.  Luke Combs is making a career out of flat out great, relatable music being delivered to you from a guy who is giving you a voice.  He reminds us of - us.  He's just a guy, who has the same feelings we do, with a mixed bag of emotions in his songs and it seems there is no wall between us and him.

This song and video says it all  -

He sings with feelings and words you want to hear, or he says them for you, in common speak if words don't come easy for you.  He is the "every man."  He is what many hope to be when they jump off the bus with a guitar on their backs at the Nashville bus station.  It's straight forward, it's honest and it's reality.  He gives the "regular guy" a voice, which is turning out to be anything but regular -  but rather something beyond exceptional.

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