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THIS WEEK - Adopt A Shelter Dog Day!

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Yesterday it was Adopt A Shelter Dog Day, and the fact that day even exists makes me happy.  I am a big believer in shelter dogs, as I feel they have a special purpose.  They, more times than not, had a rough start.  Being abused, dumped, forgotten, or just given up on in some way.  So, they silently wait behind bars for a hero to show up who will introduce them to new, and better sunrise.   Dogs love people. At least they want to.

When you adopt a shelter dog, you are giving them a second chance at happiness.  And because of the sense you get from them, you may feel the same way.  Many times an adopted dog comes to you as a result of a loss of another dog, or a need you have to care for something, the company, or simply the love you have for dogs.   You see, you and your shelter dog have more in common than you think.

 juneau 2

Juneau After Adoption!

I adopted Juneau The Husky 8 years ago when she was just one. She had been dumped, and was on the run for about a month before she would finally succumb to the elements and hunger.  After she was collected up and taken to a shelter, I adopted her.  I was interested in a Great Dane that was there for a long time, but he was adopted a day or so before. So skinny and scared (Atika)   -  or Juneau as I would rename her, went home with me.  She deserved everything new, as it was a new day for her!

We have filled the voids in each other, as I feel she chose me.  Isn't that the charge of a shelter dog?  I think so. PLEASE consider adoption they next time you are looking for a dog.  It's about as nice of a thing as you can do.  Telling someone you don't even know, that you will be thier best friend for the rest of thier life!

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