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Monday, 03 June 2019 01:25

WYNN QUOTES - Searching For The Sunrise

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"Father time, is undefeated….”


Time, is it friend, or foe? This question does have a correct answer.  It is both. We never seem to have enough of it.  But at the same time, there are moments in our lives where it seems to drag on without any real redeeming regard.

Mercifully though, the scales seem to balance in end. Life is a lengthy journey, as it is the sum of all of our journeys. In a perfect world the road ahead is far brighter than the road we leave behind. It represents optimism, and reinvention. As where the road already navigated is tattooed with the permanence of reality. The moments that worked – and didn’t.

As time marches on we watch the new become the old, in our world, our friends and family, and ourselves. But I believe that no matter the circumstances, time in the end, is our friend. The only true path to reinvent ourselves is to look forward to times future. Searching for the sunrise spawns optimism, as where insisting on a sunset can lead the exactly the opposite.

Everyone and everything is walking along with us and at the same pace as time continues its relentless trek. In the end, Father Time is undefeated, where we are not. The even though the adventure does end the same for all of us, I choose to focus on the view ahead, and on those I am lucky enough to have along side me for the days on the horizon that time will graciously provide.

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