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Thursday, 06 June 2019 04:37

It's EATING Season!

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Yesterday on the show we had a lot of fun with this.  Someone actually calculated that on Memorial Day itself, 818 hot dogs were eaten EVERY SECOND!  Got us thinking, about the big eaters in our lives. The three of us all love to eat. - And we don't run from that!

So we opened up our phone and text lines to tons responses that made us laugh. One guy ate 11 dogs at a Dollar Dog Night with the Tribe.  Another ate 38 pizza slices at a pizza buffet!  Still another 4 big plates of shrimp at an Asian joint.  And our biggest hero ate 8 steaks at a Ponderosa once!  AWESOME!

We LOVE when you call the show and chime in!   330-370-2000

And these guys went after this pizza at Mr G's!  - NICE!

food 1

I am a big eater, and yes, hot dogs are on my radar - sausage too!   I could knock down probably about 7 in 10 minutes.  

It's officially eating season.  So let's get on the grill!

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