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Thanksgiving Week - 3 - Dinner At Ray's

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This week I am sharing some Thanksgiving memories with you, and at the same time wanting to give thanks to so many during a week that is set up to do so.  I spent 21 Thanksgivings away from my home here in Northeast Ohio.  I was on a 21 year professionaI radio job road trip tour, and I spent it with various friends and people. Some I still see, and some I have not in many years, but that's our world.  But Ray Cuzzone is one that I do, and I am glad I do.

I spent a few Thanksgivings with my friend, Ray and his remarkable family.  We always had a huge crowd there, as the family was large. It was Florida informal, which I really liked.  It' was 80 degrees, and I liked that too.  The food was endless, and so was the conversation, as Ray is from a very outgoing Italian family.  I always felt so welcome there, it was really very nice for a guy in town who lived alone, and whose family was 1,200 miles away. 

Oh yeah, Ray cooks, and cooks well....


But what I really remember was the call I got the first year I moved back to Ohio to work at WQMX.  And it's a call, or text, or pic I still get every single Thansksgiving.  They always set a place for me, whether it's literal, or in their hearts. It has been both.  And it always says something like, "Wish you were here, buddy, come see us soon"   And I do a few weeks later when my friend Don and I load up the clubs and go down and play golf Superbowl weekend with Ray and Tim. All lifelong friends!   Every year!

I am thankful for Ray, his family, and their remarkable generosity still to this day.  When you live a long way away from "home"  it's good to have those who open up thiers, so you can have yours. 

Straight from my heart.  If you open up your home to someone who has no real other place to go on Thanksgiving, you are doing a incredible thing.  You may not think it's a huge thing, but they will remember it   -  always. 

Me, Ray, Tim and Don - Superbowl Weekend last year.  Thankful for all these guys!

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