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DOGS - Gettin' A Groom

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I have owned two Huskies.  The late Kona, and the very much alive, Juneau.  As great as these dogs are, I have to ask one question.  Where the heck does all this hair come from?

I mean, this is us on the way to get a haircut!

juneau car

You have to put the car in like a haz-mat suit to even get the dog to the people that will attempt to shed some of this shedding!  Its a process!

Look,  I've had some long hair at times, but nothing like this.

If you have a long haired dog, you get it.  Thank goodness we have those who are willing to go in and get it done.  My great friends at Pay It Forward For Pets keep Juneau looking good -  Thank YOU!

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