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INDIANS - Don't Be Mad...

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This weekend the Tribe traded long time favorite, pitcher Corey Kluber to the Texas Rangers and social media went beserk.  I was sad too, but that's baseball in the 21st century in a market like Cleveland.  Many have a tendency to think it's just us, but it's not. Most markets like us have the exact same issues.

They had no choice but to trade Kluber, it's money plain and simple.  They saved 18 million or so this year and would never have been able to pay him next year with a new deal. And I'm not sure they would want to anyway.  Kluber was here for 9 great years.  In a market like this, that's a long time.  He was great for us, won 2 Cy Youngs, got us to a World Series and a few playoffs.  He was great and lived up to his end of the bargain.  And I'm a fan.

But being honest, I will say this. He is 34 and I think the Indians got the best years out of Kluber that any one is going to get.  He has a ton of innings on that arm, and I think it's catching up with him.  Oh, he has some good innings left in him, and it will be hard when he shuts us out at home in some game in July.  But in the long run this is the best thing the Tribe can do in many ways.  They must get the most out of what they have.  And one thing they really have is good young pitching.

And buckle up, Frankie Lindor is next.  In time he will be traded, and that will be tough too.  Fans will scream about cheap owners, and that's unfair.  Not many teams can afford the 400 million or so it will take to sign him long term. We, and 28 other teams don't have it.  So when the time comes, they should make the best deal they can.  Lindor, unlike Kluber, can rebuild the franchise for the second time.  As he did with the Tribe drafting him, and as it will be when they trade him.  He can, and will bring a kings ransom.

Thanks Kluber.  You were great here, and I thank you for the years of incredible service.  Go home to Texas and be great, just not against us.

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