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Tuesday, 04 February 2020 01:26

LOCAL - A Real Rail Tale!

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I was flipping through my phone today and I ran across a few pics I had forgotten I had taken. 

These pics were taken from the Rapid Transit Station Platform at West 150th and Puritas on the Red Line.  I was waiting for the train to take me to Tower City, as I was going to a Tribe game.  (BTW $5.50 round trip, best value around when going to a game or concert) 20 minute ride, and a ten minute walk and save a ton!  Consider it next time - perfect!

Long Train


As I was standing there, I saw this stationary train, as there is a HUGE switchyard nearby.  Miles of trains being hooked up.  And as my mind wandered, I was thinking that so many things have changed over the past 100 years, a train, in its basics, has not.  Not many things can say that.  Planes have become flying city blocks as opposed to the Wright Brothers.  Cars are on the verge of driving themselves, and ships are now floating airports, and towns.  A train still is a bunch of cars, hooked together, riding on two rails.

Granted, they are faster, longer, safer and more modern, but the premise is still exactly the same as it was when the two sides shook hands in Utah, and the cross country railway was finished 150 years ago.  And are you like me, and every time you see a train flying by you, you wonder where they are headed?  Or what is in some of those cars? And I know very few that don't want to take a passenger train trip at some point.  And finally, how great is it hearing a very distant train whistle on a summer night with the windows open?  One of my favs...

A long train ride is a goal of mine in the next year of so.  I'm doing it.  And as Windy and I will pass the frieght trains rolling past us in the opposite direction, we will wonder, where they are going?


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