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Previews For This Week

The Way Back

Ben Affleck is back and this time it's a different kind of role.  This looks a whole lot like Hoosiers from years ago with Gene Hackman.  But so what?  That was a great flick and hopefully this is too. Affleck plays a down and out drunk, who gets a second chance at a life in basketball by coaching an underdog high school program.


Just because a story has been told once, doesn't mean it can't be told again in a new form.  Hoosiers was 30 years ago, and many people have been born since.  Some of them will never watch Hoosiers, but they may watch this.  Hoping for good things here.



More animation.  I'm sure this will find an audience and be a big hit without much help from anyone.


This is destined to find about a billion dollars laying around somewhere.  Enjoy.



This goes wide release this week. Lots of TV ads for this one, and has been in limited release for a couple weeks.


Acquired taste, looks like fun.


REVIEW - This Week

The Invisible Man

Again, a new and more CGI telling of a movie and premise that has been done many times before, and that's OK.  What's not OK here is the length and the sheer drag-ability of this movie.  This is over two hours, and the only thing that should have been invisible was about 20 minutes of feet dragging.  This is not a bad flick, but it is lacking in pace, and is not the slightest bit versatile.  It's the same scene over and over.


There is a semi-nice payoff near the end, but you may be way ahead of this.  It's not as smart as it thinks it is. AND this is set up for more, as I can see this going in a completely different direction.  This may be the foreshadow of a possible franchise

 Rental, maybe a pay-per-view later, or bad weather matinee.

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