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Out There Somewhere

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I am an optimist by nature.  With that said, I am also a realist. I understand that many times bad things happen and will continue to happen.  I do believe that this virus will come and go. But I also believe it will do damage along the way, and plenty of it.  I also believe it will be beaten.

History is on the side of the good.  There have been tons of diseases and conditions that have been cured or eradicated and our lives are so better for it.  Vaccines have changed billions of lives for good, and have made a long life possible all over the world.  People have dedicated their entire life to that mission.  Polio alone was a huge killer and serious problem for decades until Dr. Jonas Salk developed the vaccine.  It's still called the Salk Polio Vaccine.  Somewhere, there is another Dr. Salk. 

This job today is a huge one.  The world is waiting for some good news on this, and sometime in the not too distant future, we're going to get some.  Somewhere on earth there is someone, or someones who are going to find the keys, and either cure, or develop a vaccine for this virus. My optimism says probably both in time. Again history is on our side.  Whoever it is, will go down in history forever.  And they should. Unlocking the secret to this will be on par with the greatest breakthroughs ever medically.  And it will be remembered forever for the impact it will bring to all avenues of life.

Humans, have a way of being their own worst enemy sometimes.  Many times, we have felt that our world, or freedom was in real jeopardy for a myriad of reasons.  But when the country, or world needs a hero, one or many always show up.  History will back that up too, in world events and in medicine.

They are out there somewhere, ready to take their place in history.

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