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WEEKEND - Movies and Info!

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This weekend, again is a very different kind of weekend for your entertainment.  Here are some helpful ways to help you find something to watch and look forward to.

New This Week – Theaters Closed!

New DVD / Streaming – 1917 / The Grudge

Movie StuffWonder Woman 84, has been officially delayed until August

Stuff 2  - Netflix pledged $100 million in relief to out-of-work production community.

Stuff 3  One year ago, Captain Marvel was number one with 70 million....

Stuff 4 - The creators of Netflix’s Tiger King -  a follow-up season is a possibility!

Stuff  5 - Looks like a Tiger King Bio-Pic is on the way

Stuff 6 -  Hallmark again will run Christmas movies starting today at 12Noon!

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