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LOCAL BUSINESS - A Note From Dr. Kate!

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Little things make me happy.  I don't know exactly where that came from but I have a theory or two.   My dad died when I was a teen, and after that I was glad for every good thing that came my way.  Some of it too is DNA from him.  He celebrated small things - big.  I learned over time that there are few "small"  things when it comes to kindness.

A month or two ago, my long time dentist told me he was retiring so I started looking for a new one.  You don't make these kind of changes very often, and I wanted to get it right.  And I did!  I chose Dr. Kate Raymond and her staff in Norton! Her amazing dental office is as modern as you would want.  I know that right now, dentists are not operating normally, but this will pass, and if you need a place like I did, you should think about hers.

The other day, I received this card - in the regular mail -  from her office that was signed buy the ENTIRE staff welcoming me to the practice.  This made my day in about every way.  First, a card is always nice. Second, it's a rare thing today, and it made me feel like my biz was valued and that I made a great decision.  All seems to be true.

What A Nice Note! 

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Might be a great practice to start at your small business.  You know one day soon this virus stuff is going to be over, and I, and I think you, are going to remember those places of business that went up and beyond, when it was far easier not to. 

They have my business for life.  By good service and a simple card. 

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