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Only one major release this week, and you'll understand why!

Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker

When there is a major blockbuster like this, most studios get out of the way, and let this happen.  This is well timed as we are looking for something fun to watch.


Will be huge!


Call Of The Wild

Is being made available to you for home use this week. This was doing well at the box office before the shutdown, and this is worth a family watch party.  Well done here!


ALSO -   Streaming as of now!  -Check where and when

Just Mercy   -  Jamie Foxx, Micheal B. Jordan  - Crime drama from Christmas. Great performances, true story.

The Way Back  - Ben Affleck  -  Basketball movie came out the week of the shutdown

Harley Quinn  -  Margot Robbie  -  Box office flop, but could do well here at this time.

Bloodshot -  Vin Diesel - Came out weekend of the shutdown.  Superhero stuff

The Gentleman  -  Big cast, and a victim of the shutdown.  Dark, violent comedy.

Doolittle  -  Robert  Downey Jr. -   People that saw it liked it. Big flop, may do well here though

Onward  - Animated -  Never had a real chance as theaters closed -  Pixar.

The Hunt  -  Violent, and never had a chance as theaters closed that weekend

Emma  -  Very well reviewed classic story

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