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LOCAL BUSINESS - Amy Wengerd Is A Rock Star

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You don't buy or sell a house very often, and honestly that's a good thing. Buying a house can be fun and exciting, but selling one...well.   Selling, on the surface is not near as joyous.  At least at the beginning of the process.   If you have to sell your home right now, I am here to tell you it can be done.

I owned my now 90 year old beautiful home since the time she was a spry 71.  She is a great place on a real nice corner lot, in a historic district.  I loved that place.  I am proud of the fact I turned out to be the best friend it has ever had.  I was owner #4 of the house since 1930. When I bought her she needed a bunch, and I gave it to her.  Of course when you own an older home, they need stuff.  And after 19 years, she was better than the day she was built.  I lived in that house longer than any house in my life.  But my life changed, as have I, and it became a whole lot for me to take care of alone.  Between work with a daily 2:30 AM wakeup call, and the house, it was all I was doing. And then I met The Beautiful Windy, and my priorities changed then too.

I Loved My Covered Porch!

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I have proudly endorsed The Amy Wengerd Group for about 8 years now on the air on WQMX.  Amy is one of the best people I know on or off the job.  She and her husband Joe run a really great company and have filled it with incredible people.  Not only is she one of the best realtors on earth, but she is always asking me, what more we can do to support the community, or what great causes to get involved with. She is a huge sponsor of our Bosom Buddies, Tree Of Lights, on WQMX and her new TAWG campaign supporting NEOPAT.

Porch, Flowers, and Flags!

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I called Amy, and said it was my turn to sell the old house.  She guided me through the entire thing like the most skilled ships captain you can imagine, sometimes in rough waters.  I trust Amy.  I did what she recommended.  I listened to her solid advice, and followed her lead on the entire sale.  My home is not everyone's cup of tea.  We had to find the right kind of buyer, in the right place, at the right time.

Juneau And I Lived There A Long Time Together

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Then the world conditions obviously changed.  She steadied me when I needed it, and guided me through these uncharted waters with a calming tone, and the confidence that is only gifted to the very seasoned in any business.  And in the middle of this pandemic, she got it done. I was thrilled.  I AM thrilled.  And of course, relieved.  There is pressure in selling a house as you have a lot on the line.  Your next chapter, your next dream can't begin till this one is put to bed. That's why you need a real pro to do it.

Sold Quickly, What More Can You Ask?

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For most of us, this is the largest transaction of our lives, and we need it right.  I have always stated on the air you want someone of high character to handle it. Someone you trust.  You have to understand they are the pro, and that's Amy and her team.  I am proud to have my name next to hers, now and for years to come. 

Amy Wengerd - Rock Star Of Real Estate

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Thanks again Amy, a thousand times thanks!

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