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New DVD – The Rise Of Skywalker 


Stuff  -  Ozark Debuted last weekend with it's next season.   I have just started with this, and so far very entertaining.  I'll continue to catch up this weekend - Highly adult.

Call Of The Wild  -  With Harrison Ford was released for home use. This was doing very well at the box office will the shutdown. - Great family viewing. Worth a family watch. 

Tiger King   - Is still all the rage.  Still causing a stir on social media.  If you haven't, you should. good, strange television. - Teen plus.

Chernobyl  - Incredible.  This was on about a year ago on HBO.  6 part series that if you missed it, it's one of the best things I have ever seen on TV.  - Teen to adult, true story. GREAT!

The Pharmacist!   4 part series about the the opiod problem. True story, riveting, Very well done.  - Teen to adult.

Intersting Info - 

We are willing to pay $5-8 for a new theatrical movie releases to our home, but not $20  Studios are going to have to rethink this I believe.  Great idea, price -  not so much.  I do think as a result of this, this may become a new normal when this is all over.

Theater Chains are going to have to reinvent themselves for the new way of doing things. 


ALSO -   Streaming as of now!  -  These were in theaters when the theaters closed. 

Just Mercy   -  Jamie Foxx, Micheal B. Jordan  - Crime drama from Christmas. Great performances, true story.

The Way Back  - Ben Affleck  -  Basketball movie came out the week of the shutdown

Harley Quinn  -  Margot Robbie  -  Box office flop, but could do well here at this time.

Bloodshot -  Vin Diesel - Came out weekend of the shutdown.  Superhero stuff

The Gentleman  -  Big cast, and a victim of the shutdown.  Dark, violent comedy.

Doolittle  -  Robert  Downey Jr. -   People that saw it liked it. Big flop, may do well here though

Onward  - Animated -  Never had a real chance as theaters closed -  Pixar.

The Hunt  -  Violent, and never had a chance as theaters closed that weekend

Emma  -  Very well reviewed classic story

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