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LOCAL BUSINESS - Best Car I've Ever Had - !

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As we are waiting for life to get back to normal, we have found ourselves thinking things we do not normally think. After all, quiet time is seldom that in the mind.  At least for me.  Today I was out with WQMX on the radio, washing my beautiful 2020 Ford Escape (above) I leased at Klaben Ford in Kent.

As I was cleaning her up, I got to thinking on how much I like to drive this car, and that I don't get to do that as much these days.  But that will change. And I also deducted, this is the best car I have ever owned. - By a lot!   And I've owned a bunch in my life.  When Richard Klaben recommended this machine and told me of all the improvements Ford had made, his word was, and is good enough for me. As it always has been, for many years now. I signed and was on my way.  Best decision in a while.

I am a Ford guy. That statement is not meant to start a Ford VS. GM, or Ford VS. Mopar conversation.  All of the American auto makers are making the best cars in their history.  But Ford has a ton of connection to this general area, with the Brook Park Plant, among others.  I am also glad to see Ford is making ventilators in this fight we are in which makes me think I've hitched my wagon to the right horse.  Klaben too is a local company, so are we at WQMX, and I am a proud endorser of Klaben and have been for years.  I have bought, or leased cars from them, and will continue to do so.

My Escape is one amazing car. It's a middle of the road model, and it has all of the things one needs to have an incredible driving experience.  Now, I'm not saying for a minute that this has more style than a mid-60's Mustang, or even my 1974 Chevelle, (below) but there is no comparison on its engineering and dependability.  I am not one wishing for the good old days for cars and trucks.  I want the old ones to always exist, but I want the technology that is in the modern cars, from the Eco-Boost engine, to the Smart Trac grip on the road, to the heated seats. 

My First Real Car Back In The Day

Klaben 1974

Of all the cars I've had from Klaben over many years, and this is the best one.  I have never really felt that way about any car before. They have all been great!  But this one stands out, and I look forward to the next one somewhere up the road as Ford makes even more improvements. And combined that with great and honest people like Klaben who are here to make sure we all have exactly what we need as drivers.  Please support local business now  - especially now, and continue that habit when we come out the other side of this.

I Loved My Ford Focus (2014) And My Ford Escape (2011) I Bought And Leased From Klaben

klaben cars 2

And we will, without question.  And the local businesses will not forget we supported them at the most crucial time.

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