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As we are trying to get through trying times, we are all supporting the local companies that make our area great. Restaurants have been hit hard, and we all are doing what we can to make sure they make it through to the other side in good shape.  For the foreseeable future, I'll feature a story of a local restaurant a time or two a week, so we can support them.

The Rail -  it doesn't get a whole lot more local than that.  They are a very interesting local story. 4 main locations in this area, with Akron and Canton the most local to us, and originated out of amazing Wayne County. They have about as good of burgers that you are going to find anywhere.   All Ohio beef, from Ohio farms, and all Ohio draft beers ties it tightly to the area.  This is an award winning place that is a blast to go to and food that is terrific.  And now, they have pick-up and delivery from 11-8 as we get through this tough time.

They support local fundraisers too, like the Akron/Canton Foodbank at the Hall of Fame!  Great Guys!  Great to see them there!

the rail

The Rail was born from the award winning City Square Steakhouse in Wooster which itself has been voted one of the best 100 steakhouses in America.  The burgers served on the bar menu there were so good they needed a place of their own to shine. So in 2011 The Rail was born. And over they years, they too have won awards that have placed them on the map as a real local favorite. 

I love The Rail. Their food is amazing, and so are the beers, and don't get me started on the milk shakes and the rest of the incredible menu.  And now, like a lot of really great local places we will be talking about, they are asking you to help them get them through this unprecedented time we are in.  Local eateries are the backbone of any city.  They give the area flavor, and an identity. Everyone loves their local places and joints.  The Rail employs, and supports local people on every level, from the staff, cooks, chefs, wait staff, local farms, distillers and breweries, all from Ohio.  How much better does it get than that?

Good Local People At The Rail 

therail 2

Let's make sure we all support all the local restaurants now, and later.  Let's make sure all of our friends and neighbors get through this, and I have a feeling The Rail and the rest of the locals will remember us when this is all over. 

Also - Important from The Rail -  Your safety

And oh yeah, have the Local Yokel, with sweet potato fries - grab some wings too!

The Rail carryout menu!

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