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Of course the state of things right now as far as our daily lives are concerned are strange to say the least.  But there will be some good to come out of all this when it passes - and it will. 

Convenience. All of us have learned that isn't to be taken for granted, like we always have.  But also there are many that have rebelled against super-convenience and even some tech that can make our lives better. And this pandemic has made that clear.  Take apps for instance.  We all have them of course in our phones, but many just use the ones that come standard.  But many have loaded in tons of new ones, and opened up a whole new way of doing things.  In fact the loading of apps into phones has skyrocketed the past few weeks as we are trying to keep as normal of life as possible. And with that right now, sometimes tech is needed.

Especially in the restaurant biz.  Let's take Dunkin for instance. I have been an endorser of them for years, and proud of it.

Love Dunkin'

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If you love Dunkin like I do, the app they have is the greatest thing.  You set it up, you order through it, pay through it, and then just drive in and pick it up.  No contact, no touch, no anything except your order waiting for you as you drive through.  They call it "frictionless"  I call it terrific!  This for them, and for a whole bunch of places is going to be a new way of really doing business.  I know, it's been around for years....true.  But not to millions of people that have resisted for this type of thing for years. But now the dam has broken, and the new users will now use this tech forever.

Easy As Can Be - Never Got Out Of The Car!

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I hate this virus thing as much as you do, and I am as ready as you to get back to dining out, travel, Tribe Games at Progressive Field, concerts at Blossom and everything else.  But, with perspective, there will be some good that comes out of all this. And this will be part of it. New ways to do commerce for many.  New revenue streams for places that learned they CAN do delivery or take out, and well!   And us -  We will be committed to the local franchisees more than ever before.

Download the Dunkin App - Click

If you're an old hat at the app thing, congrats.  If you're new to the party, welcome. There is room for you and room for all businesses to grow, now and when this has passed us!

Important From Dunkin'

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